The 2021 Students' Union Elections

Want to help make a genuine difference to lives of students? The Students' Union can help you achieve that! We don't believe in fitting to a mold, with an exec and staff team made up of every personality possible - if you've got big plans, we've got a big team ready to support you through it all. In return, you'll be given a whole host of training to help support your future career, paid-for access to exclusive events and conferences around the UK, PerkBox and a whole load of cool little extras. All of our roles (apart from the paid Student Leaders) are part time volunteer positions, filled with dedicated individuals. If you think you can make the cut, nominate yourself to become one of the best - you won't regret it.




VOTING 09:00 5TH MAY - 17:00 7TH MAY 


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Frequently Asked Questions


Am i elligible to run for a student leader position?

All full time students are elligible to run for a student leader position as long as they are a member of Bishop Grosseteste Students' Union (you will be by default unless you opted out!) in their final year of study OR are willing to take a year out. 

What's a normal week like for a volunteer officer?

In general, this depends on the role you go for! Some of our officers, such the Events Team, will be scheduled to work 1-2 nights a week at our events or in meetings with our commercial team. Others, like the Post Grad officer, may be expected to attend lectures to talk to students or communicate through group chats. Hours vary, but we expect that you put at least 4-8 hours in a week of work, which can include attending mandatory events such as Student Council.

I don't have much experience in this role, will I still be able to run?

Of course! Almost everyone that works for us starts from the beginning. We give you a full series of training on everything from manual lifting to hate crime awareness, support you throughout the year and allow you to advance your learning through paid for development sessions if you believe it will help you in your role. Your campaign will be based on how willing you are to help improve the student experience, not what's on your CV!

How much contact with students will I have?

Especially in the student leader roles, you will be expected to talk to students as part of your job. This may involve dealing with sensitive complaints or simply just socialising in the bar to get a sense of what students need and want. However, a lot of the job is administrative, attending senior university meetings and helping keep BGU running in the best interests of the students.

Can i stand for more than one position?

To give you the best work-life balance, we only allow you to stand for one volunteer position. 

What happens if i don't win?

These things happen! Nobody will judge you for losing - just by running you're showing dedication to helping students. You can still get involved with us as a non-elected volunteer, helping us keep the SU running!

I'm an international student, can I run for a role?

There isn't one right answer to this question! In general, all our officers must be on a full time course which takes place over an entire academic year, so as long as you fulfill this criteria you can run for a position.  As well as this if you're an international student at BGU during the main elections you may run for a student leader position if you have the correct visa and Right To Work. Please contact before posting your nomination.



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