Graduation Ball 2018

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Dear Graduating students, 


Thank you to those who completed the graduation ball questionnaire and came to the drop in sessions. We had 224 individual responses in the questionnaire, which is over 18% of the students that are invited to graduate, which is a good percentage to base decisions on.


Given that around 900 students are expected to attend graduation, we are very limited to the venues we can present as a graduation ball options. Not all graduating students will want to attend the ball and experience over the last ten years, tells us that usually between 300 and 370 tickets will be purchased, so the minimum venue capacity we can work with for a sit down meal is 350. Hotels such as the Hilton, Lincoln Hotel, White Hart and Holiday Inn etc., cannot provide us with the capacity that we need, so we have to exclude them as options. There are only two options that can accommodate these numbers and they are Jocasta’s and the Showground Events Centre.


This year we included an on campus option, as students’ have said in the drop in sessions that they would like this as an option. We have also included Home Nightclub as an option, because the venue can accommodate our numbers and don’t charge a hire fee, which means more money can go into the event, giving the night surprise wow factors (such as fire breathers, dancers, magicians, candy carts etc.) that could not be included at other venues. Students also liked this idea at the drop in sessions, which is why it was included as an option.


Option 1 was an on campus cold buffet meal for £25. General feedback was that this was too expensive for a cold buffet and not a special enough venue for a ball.


Option 2 was an on campus hot meal for £28. General feedback was positive about the price for a hot meal but again negative about the venue for a ball.


Option 3 was an on campus carvery for £37. General feedback was this was too expensive for a carvery and again negative about the venue for a ball.


Option 4 was a three course sit down meal at Jocasta’s for £40 (this price is set by Jocasta’s). General feedback was very positive about the aesthetics of the venue and was seen a special venue for a ball and most saying that it was a reasonable price considering what was included. The only negative general feedback was it is slightly further away than the other options.


Option 5 was a three course meal at the showground for £45. General feedback was positive about the location of the venue but negative about the price.


Option 6/7/8 were £25/£30/£35 ticket prices for exclusive use, a meal and entertainment at Home nightclub. General feedback for the three options were positive about the price, but negative about the venue for a ball.


The option with the most amount of votes was Jocasta’s with 35% of the vote, followed by the showground with 15% of the vote. Jocasta’s also had a lot of positive feedback as a special venue for a ball, so we have decided to hold the ball at the venue which won the vote and students were overwhelmingly positive about in their comments.


Graduation Ball will take place on Wednesday 25th July


Tickets will go on sale after the Easter break and can be purchased from the SU reception, by phoning us on 01522 583714, or by emailing us at with a phone number and letting us know a convenient time to call you back (this is for those students’ on placement that are unable to come to campus)


We are not offering tickets online, as this increases the price due to service fees and we do not want students to have to pay any more than they have to.


Tickets will cost £40 per person and include a drink on arrival, three course dinner, decorated marquee and tables, table balloons, starlight ceiling across the dance floor with exploding ceiling balloons, photo booth and overnight parking if required. Graduates and their guests will be seated in tables of ten, if there are more than ten of you in a group, when you purchase your tickets, ensure you purchase tickets on consecutive table numbers, as tables will be positioned in order of their number (so table 1 will be nest to table 2 and so on).


Purchase of tickets are limited for graduates (including a plus one) until 31st May. From 1st June until 25th June, ticket sales will be open for graduates to purchase more than one plus one ticket if required and venue space permits. Unfortunately, tickets cannot be sold after 25th June.


There will also be a professional photographer to take more formal photos for guests at the ball, there is an additional charge paid directly to the photographer for graduates and guests wishing to take advantage of this service.


The Students’ Union always work tirelessly to give graduating students the best possible graduation ball. We hope that by being as transparent as possible with the details of ball, you can appreciate the options we present and the hard work that goes into this event.


If you have any further questions or comments, please email, phone or call into the SU for a chat.


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