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The Badminton society is a growing society, both as a society and as a team, with more and more member joining each week.

Our social sessions are on a Tuesday evening 5.15-6.15, as well as our team training on a Thursday evening 4.15 - 5.15. Each member of the society is required to pay a £20 membership fee to join, as well as this there is a training cost that can be paid two different ways, this can be £20 in full for the year or £1 for each session you turn up too. These fees include rackets and shuttles as well as badminton courts being provided at no extra cost. Each member of the society is given a chance to become part of either the Men’s or female’s Badminton team and play in regularly occurring games throughout the year in BUCS or just as friendly’s. As well as this being a member of the society you can get yourself involved in any of the many social events throughout the year where you can get to know all about the other society’s and enjoy a night out doing various activities together. The society is joinable throughout the year, however with joining early you get the best value of money for Badminton.

Society Costs

Payment Price Frequency
Membership £20 Once a year
Membership + Competition £25 Once a year


Society Sessions

Session Day Start Finish Where?
Social Session Tuesday 5:15pm 6:15pm Sports Hall
Team Training Thursday 4.15pm 5.15pm Sports Hall

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