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Singing Society is an exciting and inclusive society, where our aim is to share our passion for singing together - regardless of ability

Singing Society meets once a week for an hour. Within this

time, we explore many different genres of song and styles of singing and work together or individually on these pieces. We also have short sessions on developing singing technique, to help us all improve our vocals together. We are very focused on charity, of which we run 1 charity event each semester, an example of this is Christmas Karaoke, where we also perform some of the songs we have been working on as a group. Each year we put on a showcase, in which you can have as much or as little involvement in as you choose. This showcases what we have been working on throughout the year and is another opportunity where we raise money for our charity of the year! Although we do some performances, this does not mean your ability matters. We are very inclusive of anyone who wishes to join our singing community:)

If you are thinking about joining, then we would be very happy to welcome you to our society! You are welcome to bring your friends with you! If you are not sure why not give one session a go and see if you enjoy it! We cannot wait to meet you soon!

Society Costs:
Payment                    Price
Membership              FREE!

Society Sessions:
Session          Day                 Start                Finish            Where
Meeting          Tuesday         19:00pm        20:00pm        3DY (upstairs in the SU)

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