Student Council

Council exists to discuss important Union and University issues, to debate and vote on motions submitted from the student body, and to inform the strategic direction of the Students’ Union. The Student Council is made up of elected Course/Service Representatives, Club and Society Exec Members, the Exec Team, the Student Member of University Council and the Chair of the Student Council.

Student Council receives student submitted motions to make change within the University and the Union. To propose a motion to Student Council fill in a motion proposal form and send it to or print and return it to the SU front desk by the latest of a week before the next council meeting.

If there's an issue you want followed up and reported back to Council, use a Matters Arising form to do so.


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1st Council - October 2016

2nd Council - November 2016

3rd Council - December 2016

4th Council - February 2017

5th Council - March 2017

6th Council - April 2017

7th Council - May 2017




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