Part Time Officers

Below you will see members of our Exec Team. These are the Part Time Officers who, at the same time as studying at BGU, give up their time to contribute to the workload of the SU. If you wish to contact any of them, please email

The Welfare Hub are here to ensure that you are supported in your student experience, running campaigns directed at improving the lives of marginalised students, raising awareness of health issues such as legal highs or mental health stigma and enhancing links with the various communities both inside and outside of BGU. Click here to see resources and campaigns that are targeted at enhancing your welfare.


  • Beth Gibson
    Welfare Officer
  • Position Vacant
    Campaigns Officer
  • Lee Gunter
    Gender & Sexuality Officer
  • Owen Picker
    Disabled Students Officer
  • Sam Lambert
    International Students Officer



The Opportunities Hub is all about enhancing your Student Opportunities, whether you’re a member of one of our societies or sports teams, volunteering to enhance your CV or raising money to help others. Click here to find out how you can get involved!


  • Owen Lewis
    Volunteering & Charity Officer
  • Daniel Woodthorpe
    Sports Social Officer
  • Joshua Barrington
    Societies Officer
  • Steven Surridge
    Sports Development Officer

The Activities Hub provides the activities you see at your SU. The team plans and runs all the events that happen, and whether it's the Pub Quiz or ROAR it's almost guaranteed to be a great night! If you have any requests for events we put forward, feel free to drop the BGSU Facebook page a message or use the suggestion box in the SU foyer! Click here for information on our upcoming events.


  • Bea Sturman
    Activities Officer
  • Kaylee Hempenstall
    Activities Officer
  • Regan Backhouse
    Activities Officer
  • Kieron Treacher
    Activities Officer
  • Adam Coy
    Activities Assistant

The Postgraduate Officer liaises with Postgraduate Students, the Sabbatical Officers and the rest of the Exec team to ensure that PG students' particular needs are being met by the Union, and that they are being proportionally represented as compared to Undergraduate students. If you are a PG student and have any queries for our current Postgraduate Officer, please email and it will be forwarded to them. You can also view the Postgraduate Support Page


  • Position Vacant
    Postgraduate Officer

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