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The Welfare Hub are here to ensure that you are supported in your student experience, running campaigns directed at improving the lives of marginalised students, raising awareness of health issues such as legal highs or mental health stigma and enhancing links with the various communities both inside and outside of BGU. Below are some campaigns and resources the Welfare Hub have recently been using.

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Campaigns & Resources

Look After Your Mate - Student Minds

Student Minds want students to have the skills, knowledge and confidence to talk about their mental health and look out for their peers.

Their look After Your Mate campaign does just this and at BGSU we have two trainers (Abi & Jenny) who can give any willing student the skills to do this. Anyone wanting to be able to support their friends better with their mental health should email or

To see more on the Look After Your Mate initiative click here, and to see Student Minds' website and resources click here.


University Mental Health Day

BGSU take part in a day of awareness for mental health at BGU, which is part of a large national campaign organised by Student Minds & the University Mental Health advisors .

This will take place on March 2nd 2017. More details coming soon.

More details on the campaign can be found click here.


HIV Stigma - Not Retro, Just Wrong

Being diagnosed with HIV today means something very different than it did 20 or 30 years ago. HIV is no longer a death sentence. However, people’s attitudes can make living with HIV really hard. Some things from the 1980s and 1990s are worth revisiting, but HIV stigma isn’t one of them. It’s time to end HIV stigma.

For more information on this campaign, click here.


#BraveFace - Papyrus (youth suicide prevention)

Many of us use social media to hide what we’re really feeling on the inside – it’s easier than ever before to put a ‘filter’ on your life and put out a ‘brave face’ to the world. But behind this mask thousands of young people are suffering – suffering which is not shared with or seen by those around them. Remember that the image someone presents to the outside world may not reflect how they are feeling inside – they may be dying for help. Only by asking about suicide can you encourage someone to speak openly about how they are feeling.

Click here for Papyrus' 'Conversation Starters' resources.

Click here for more information on Papyrus and the work they do.


The It Gets Better Project

The It Gets Better Project provides a website which collects together stories from LGBT individuals in order to support young people as they begin to open up about their true sexuality or gender.

Click here to see the videos and stories on the It Gets Better Project's website.



There is no typical reason someone might call Samaritans, just as there's no typical person who contacts Samaritans. You can get in touch about anything that’s troubling you, no matter how large or small the issue. They're there to listen.

Call 116 123 on any phone to talk a Samaritans volunteer

Click here to visit the Samaritans website.

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