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The university is offering a full range of support options and links to wellbeing services to assist you over the campus closures. Learning is a mixture of both online and in person lectures and will be delivered through a range of different materials - consult your BlackBoard or module leaders for information on how this will be delivered.


Click here to access the University FAQ on COVID-19.

Click here to access help and guidance for remote learning.

27th November 2020:

Current COVID Alert Level in LN1: TIER 3 (VERY HIGH)

Following the announcement from the Government that Lincoln is to be placed into the Very High alert level, we want to update our students on the services we will be providing going forward. 

Union Bar will remain closed until at least the 11th January. We are aware this is unfortunate, however as we do not serve substantial meals we would not be able to reopen our service until we are placed into Tier 1. 

Although we are not able to open our venue, we are still maintaining the same level of support services as we have done throughout the year:

The SU Building and SU Reception will remain open Mon-Fri 9-5pm until the 18th December, at which point the Students' Union will be closed for the Christmas period until the 4th January. Due to the low levels of footfall on campus, we will not be selling Meal Deals until we reopen - this is to ensure we minimise wastage of goods.  We will however still be providing MyCoffeeStation, as well as a limited range of soft drinks and snacks.

SU Support is still available in a virtual format. You can book an appointment by clicking the 'book appointment' button on our homepage. 

Events are being held online until further notice - Our team are running Bingo! Online on Friday Nights at 7pm and Speedquizzing Online on Sundays at 7pm.

Sports and Societies should heed advice from the relevant authorities (BUCS, Rugby England etc) before engaging in any form of in person activity, as well as risk assessing activity and submiting it to the SU inbox. 


Remember, Hands, Face, Space. Keeping in your bubble and only coming onto campus when absolutely necessary - for study or work - is the key to keeping the campus safe and infection rates down. Make regular use of hand sanitisers, wear masks and ensure you follow social distancing at all times. 


20th October 2020:

Current COVID Alert Level in LN1: MEDIUM

The University has implemented a number of stringent regulations to help keep students safe: That means it's really important to follow them. Wear a mask on campus unless you have a genuine medical expemption, follow one way systems and only stay on campus if you have a good reason to - for example, your lecture is starting soon. 

In light on the newly published COVID-19 three-tier alert system from the UK Government, Bishop Grosseteste University would like to confirm with students and staff the arrangements for coming to campus from your home.

Tier 1 – Medium risk

Tier 2 – High risk

Tier 3 – Very high risk

It is possible that students and staff may live in an area that is in a different risk tier to Lincoln and the campus. According to the latest published guidance, students and staff are able to commute to their place of work or study regardless of which tier their home address is in.

Of course, if you are travelling to or from a higher risk area please remain vigilant, take the normal hands-face-space precautions and follow any specific guidelines for the higher risk area. We have a collective responsibility to limit the spread of the virus and we appreciate the ongoing efforts of the BGU community to achieve this.

Our COVID-19 FAQs document can be downloaded by clicking here.

Guidance on keeping safe on campus and what to do if you think you have symptoms can be found here:

The declaration form to access university support can be found here:

Our university Risk Assessment and Outbreak Response plan can be found here:

Information on current COVID-19 cases on campus can be found here:

If you have a question that you can find the answer to on these pages you can contact BGU via If you have any general questions, complaints or require any form of support please contact the Students' Union at We will contact you and determine how best to resolve the situation.

Thank you again for all your hard work over the last few months. By continuing to work together we will be able to keep BGU a safe and secure environment for everyone.

24th March 2020:

We're pleased to announce that after talking to our concerned students and liasing with the University, we've manages to pass a two week pushback on all university assignments, effective immediately. We look forward to continuing our efforts to help make your educational experience less stressful during this time.

If you have concerns about your wellbeing or the wellbeing of someone you know you can contact the Student Advice team at If the situation may be life threatening, call 999.

Students' Union Services


The Students Union has closed for the foreseeable future until we are told by the Univeristy and Public Health England it is safe to reopen to the general public. Whilst this was a difficult decision to make, the safety of our staff and students is our number one priority. We are still offering all of our usual services online. You can contact or arrange a phone call below:




If you need to contact any members of staff directly and non-urgently, please contact them at the following and they will endevour to get back to you within 2 working days:


  • Abi Rogers - Chief Executive Officer:
  • Erin Bell - President Elect:
  • Jordan Fane - Vice President:
  • Jenny Ferrett - Administrator:
  • Kieran Wiseman - Marketing Coordinator:
  • Jacquie Hough  - Engagement Coordinator:
  • Michael O'Donoghue - Welfare Coordinator:


Union Bar, alongside our usual schedule of events, have been closed and cancelled until further notice. We're aiming to get some form of service online with digital events, so keep an eye out on our facebook pages (@bgsulincoln and @bgsuactivities) for more information on these.


You can also join our Discord Gaming Server, where you can meet people to socialise & play various videogames with, by clicking the button below:



Student Voice & Representation

We are currently in the process of digitalising our usual Student Council to ensure that our students are represented fairly and as easily accessable as possible. You can still submit motions the usual way via emailing Jacquie below, and a proxy vote will be held in the place of a physical council.


If you have any questions regarding Student Council, Course Representation or Sports&Socs Forum please email

Sports & Societies


All of our Sports & Societies activities have been cancelled or postponed after we have reviewed advice from the UK Government, BUCS and our other external partners. Society members are strongly advised not to meet up unless absolutely necessary. We are continuing to monitor the situation at hand and will be sure to email society members as soon as we're told it's safe for our teams to resume training and matches.


We aim to digitalise the Sports & Societies Forum to assist you with any questions you may have, please keep an eye out as the date may change for this based on availabilty and staffing levels.


Sports Awards 2020 has been cancelled, and we're working hard to find another date so it can still go ahead. 

Student Wellbeing

We understand this is a stressful time for many of our members and it's important to take care of your mental wellbeing as well as physical.

MIND, the mental health support charity, have shared advice for maintaining your mental wellbeing particularly if you have any anxieties about coronavirus, are practising social distancing, or have been advised to self-isolate.

If you have any concerns about your own wellbeing, or the wellbeing of any of your friends and family you can:

  • Contact the University Welfare team by emailing
  • Contact BGSU for signposting and academic advice at
  • Call 999 if you believe someone may be at risk of immediate harm.

Social Distancing And Self-Isolation

We are currently working on a program of activities to support students who may be isolated socially including online gaming (both digital and tabletop), watch parties, and streaming events.

If you would like to be notified when any of these activities go live, or would like to contribute, you can follow our activities page on Facebook.

What do i do if i feel ill?


The current advice is to stay at home if you have coronavirus symptoms. Do not go to a GP surgery, pharmacy or hospital. There is no need to call 111 unless you feel unable to cope with your symptoms, your condition worsens, or your symptoms do not get better after 7 days. 


  • If you are not feeling well you should not be in classes/at work.
  • If you have either of the two symptoms listed below, you should follow Government advice and self-isolate for 14 days:
    • a high temperature (37.8 degrees and above).
    • a new, continuous cough.
  • In this instance you should also notify your tutor/line-manager along with the University about your absence through the self declaration on the link at the top of the page.
  • If your symptoms worsen during home isolation or are no better after 14 days contact NHS 111 online at If you have no internet access, you should call NHS 111. For a medical emergency dial 999.
    • You should not to go to your GP, pharmacy or hospital in person.
    • You should return/stay at home and follow the NHS111 advice.
  • If NHS111 advises you to continue to self-isolate you should follow that advice and once again use the form below to declare self-isolation.
  • The University will then contact you via email and arrange a telephone conversation about supporting you whilst away from classes/work.
  • Opportunities for working from home, digital learning and academic extensions will be made available to you.
  • If you are aware that any of your fellow students, colleagues or indeed yourself have pre-existing medical conditions that have not been made known to Student Advice or HR please encourage those concerned to contact these teams as soon as possible.

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