Important Documents

BGSU Strategy: The 2020 Vision

The BGSU 2020 Vision is a strategic plan that shows where we as a Union want to be by 2020, with plans to develop as an organisation

Constitution & By-Laws

The By-laws are our governing articles and detail how we are run as an organisation

The BGSU Constitution is the document which, as a registered charity, details the articles which define us as an organisation


A Motion of Censure is the way students express disapproval in the actions of an elected representative. There is no limit to the amount of censures that can be passed against an elected representative. Motions of Censure are voted on by Student Council.

A Motion of No Confidence is the way students remove elected representatives from their positions. A representative must have a motion of censure against them prior to a No Confidence motion. These are also voted on by Student Council

Students or members of the public wishing to make a complaint about BGSU, a BGSU elected Representative, BGSU staff member or a BGSU member's conduct within SU property and events should use this form. Students wishing to make a complaint about a student or University staff member should see the University's Complaints Procedure here


The Complaints procedure details how a student should make a complaint regarding the SU or persons involved with the SU. The complaint form referred to by this policy is on this page, above.

This Dsciplinary procedure details how the Union will deal with actions or complaints, of which the review deemed necessary to forward onto the Disciplinary stage

BGSU Data Protection Policy


BGSU Privacy Notice

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